Helium Or Hydrogen? Both Answers Will Get Marks in the SSC Board Science Exam


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 std 10

There has been considerable confusion about whether Hydrogen or Helium is the correct answer to the question, ‘Write the name of the smallest size atom.’

And so, this blog is here to address this question on the SSC Science (Part 1) exam that caused a bit of confusion.

Hydrogen Or Helium?

Question 1(B) on the 10th Science (Part 1) paper asked about the atom with the smallest size. The official textbook indicated Helium as the correct answer, but some other reference books mentioned Hydrogen. This discrepancy understandably caused confusion amongst students and parents.

The Pune Divisional Board's Response to Exam Confusion

The Pune Divisional Board didn't want any student to be stressed because of this question. As soon as they received a letter about the confusion, they got right to work. They brought together a team of subject experts to review the question-and-answer options.

Here's the good news: The Board decided that both Helium and Hydrogen will be considered correct answers for Question 1(B).

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

The Board is currently busy spreading the information to all the examiners and paper checkers so they can grade the students answers fairly. They're also putting together a report on how they handled this situation.

The Takeaway

This situation shows how important it is for exam questions and study materials to be clear and consistent. But not just this, it also shows that the Board listens to student concerns and takes action to ensure fairness. So, 10th graders, relax and know that your hard work on either Helium or Hydrogen won't go in vain!


1. Why was there confusion about the smallest atom question in the 10th Science exam?

Ans: The confusion arose because different study materials provided conflicting information regarding the correct answer to the question. While the textbook specified Helium, some reference materials suggested Hydrogen.

2. What decision did the Board reach regarding the correct answer to the smallest atom question?

Ans: The Board decided to accept both Helium and Hydrogen as correct answers to the question.

3. How will this decision affect students' exam grades?

Ans: Students who answered either Helium or Hydrogen for the smallest atom question will receive full mark for their response. The Board has instructed examiners and paper checkers to grade these answers accordingly.


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