MHT-CET 2024 Last-Minute Tips: Exam Rules, Mistakes to Avoid and Smart Strategies


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 MHT-CET 2024 Last-Minute Tips: Exam Rules, Mistakes to Avoid and Smart Strategies

Ever wondered how some students seem to breeze through the MHT-CET exam effortlessly while others struggle to keep up? 

Preparing for the MHT-CET exam requires not just hard work, but also smart strategies. Whether you're in class 12 or a dedicated candidate focusing only on MHT-CET, knowing the right shortcuts can make a big difference.

Get a quick rundown of the exam rules and avoid the common mistakes by implementing the smart strategies covered in this blog.

Exam Rules of MHT-CET 2024

  • Arrive at the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the specified reporting time mentioned on the admit card.
  • After the gate closing time, you will be allowed to take the exam.
  • Bring your MHT-CET 2024 Admit Card along with a valid ID proof, such as an Aadhaar card, driving license, or passport.
  • The MHT-CET 2024 exam will end at the time specified on the Admit Card. No extra time will be provided.
  • Cell phones, calculators, watch calculators, alarm clocks, digital watches, smartwatches with built-in calculators/memory or any electronic gadgets ARE NOT ALLOWED in the examination hall.
  • You will not be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the end of the examination.
  • After completing the test, you will not be permitted to re-enter the Examination Hall.
  • Abstain from any form of misconduct or unfair practices during the exam, as it may result in disqualification.
  • MHT-CET 2024 is a computer-based multiple-choice question (MCQ) test. Each question generates four responses. You should select ONLY one suitable response.
  • The questions will be displayed on the computer screen one at a time.
  • If you have an objection to a question in the exam, you can submit it through your Candidate Login according to the schedule in the Information Brochure. Other modes of representation will not be considered.
  • Questions will be available in English/Urdu/Marathi languages. However, question papers in Urdu and Marathi will only be available if you opted for that particular language/medium as the preferred language for question paper in the online MHT-CET Application Form.
  • If you are referring to the Marathi and Urdu versions of the question paper, you should refer to the original English version in case of doubt.
  • In case of any dispute regarding the question, the original English version will be considered as final.
  • You can utilise the provided rough sheets for rough work and calculations.

Now that you know the rules of the exam, here’s a list of mistakes candidates commonly make—but you can avoid!

Mistakes MHT-CET Candidates Should Avoid 

While making mistakes is a natural part of learning and growth, in high-stakes exams like the MHT-CET, even small missteps can have significant consequences. So, let's minimise the chances of mistakes impacting your score.

mistakes to avoid in MHT-CET 2024 exam preparation

1. Neglecting low-weightage topics

Focusing solely on high-weightage topics during preparation, while neglecting seemingly ‘less important’ ones, can backfire as the exam might test unexpected areas within each section. 

2. Not revising the Std. 11 syllabus

Twenty per cent of the questions asked in the MHT-CET exam are from the Class 11 Maharashtra Board syllabus. Though the weightage is less, the scores you could gain from solving these questions could make or break your chance of getting into your dream institute.

3. Not solving previous years’ papers

Ignoring previous years' papers is a huge mistake. Not only do they provide crucial insights into the exam pattern but also important topics, and question types. Missing out on this preparation tool can greatly impact your performance in the MHT-CET exam.

4. Skipping mock tests

Mock tests, especially online mock tests, let you evaluate your preparation in an exam-like environment. From improving speed to accuracy, taking mock tests can largely impact your performance in the MHT-CET 2024 exam.

It's also essential to evaluate yourself after each mock test to strengthen your weak areas. Without this self-assessment, you won't recognise your weaknesses, making it pointless to proceed to the next mock test.

5. Relying solely on coaching institutes

Over-dependence on coaching materials and neglecting self-study with diverse resources can limit understanding and adaptability to different question formats.

6. Misreading or misunderstanding questions

With only one hundred and eighty minutes to solve 150 questions in PCM, and 200 questions in PCB, you may be tempted to speed-read the questions. More often than not, this leads to misinterpreting the meaning of the question, and subsequently marking the incorrect answer, even if you know the concept.

7. Spending too much time on a single question

Spending excessive time on a difficult question can eat into the time needed for other sections. This happens quite commonly. Which is why candidates usually find themselves with little to no time for the Physics section of the paper.

Not making these mistakes is one of the keys to doing well in the MHT-CET exam. But to really exceed in it, try adopting the following smart strategies.

Last-minute Strategies for Excelling in the MHT-CET Exam

The MHT-CET exam covers the entire syllabus of Class 12 from the academic year 2023-24, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. Moreover, topics from Class 11 are also asked in the exam. Thus, it can be challenging to cover such a vast syllabus in just two months.

Last-minute strategies for MHT-CET 2024 Exam

But don't let limited time hold you back. These crucial last-minute tips will help you ace MHT-CET 2024: 

  1. Following your HSC Board exams, you'll have roughly two months dedicated to MHT-CET preparation. Start by revising all the chapters of Class 12. Then, shift your focus to practising application-based higher-level questions.
  2. Check the official MHT-CET brochure to see which Class 11 chapters are included. According to the MHT-CET toppers, it's best to revise the included chapters at least once. But if you're really short on time, they also suggest focusing on memorising important formulae and key points from the included chapters.
  3. Solving previous years' question papers (PYQs) provides practical insights by revealing which chapters and question types are most important. By analysing PYQs, you can pinpoint the specific topics and question formats that are frequently tested, allowing you to tailor your preparation accordingly. This targeted approach ensures that you focus your time and energy on the areas that matter most.
  4. Practise time management under pressure by simulating the actual exam environment with a mock test. Ensure to strictly follow the 180-minute time limit of the exam.
  5. Utilise smart revision techniques, such as mind maps, lists of important formulae, shortcuts etc. But if time is short, we’ve included all these and more tricks in our MHT-CET Triumph Series.

Follow these tips and you will be all set for the MHT-CET exam 2024 exam in no time.

We hope this article helps you approach the MHT-CET with confidence. If you found it helpful, don’t forget to share it with a friend. 

All the best!

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1. What documents do I need to carry on the exam day?

Ans: You need to carry your admit card, a valid photo ID, and two passport-sized photographs.

2. Can I apply for both engineering and medical courses through MHT-CET?

Ans: No, MHT-CET is only for Bachelor of Engineering and Technology, Planning, Pharmacy courses and first year of Master of Engineering and Technology (Integrated), Pharm. D PG course. For medical courses like MBBS, BDS, BAMS, you need to appear for NEET.

3. Is there any negative marking in MHT-CET 2024?

Ans: No, there is no negative marking.

4. What are some good resources for preparing for MHT-CET?

Ans: Selecting books that align with the latest syllabus and are regularly updated is crucial. At Target Publications, we are dedicated to providing top-notch resources for MHT-CET preparation. Our range includes comprehensive revision notes, practice questions, performance-boosting tricks, and solved Previous Year Questions (PYQs). Whatever your preparation needs may be for MHT-CET 2024, we have you covered.


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