Can Studying Be Fun? With Our Newly Launched Class 10 CBSE Perfect Prep Series, Yes!


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 Can Studying Be Fun? With Our Newly Launched Class 10 CBSE Perfect Prep Series, Yes!

Hey Gen Z Squad!

Feeling the exam pressure already? Textbooks got you dozing off faster than a panda? Hold on, because we’re bringing in the learning revolution with the CBSE Perfect Prep series. It’s specifically designed to ace the 2024 Board exams and help you thrive under the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Forget rote memorisation and outdated methods. We’re talking about: 

  • Engaging videos
  • Entertaining comic strips
  • Relatable memes
  • Real-world examples

Yes, you read that right! 

Target Perfect Prep is on a mission to make learning FUN again, just like the NEP 2020 wants. It’s all about critical thinking, skill development, and learning that sticks with you like super glue.

Don’t Believe The Hype? Watch This:

  • You can watch videos that explain tough Hindi poems.
  • Learn English meanings in your second language with ease.
  • Enhance your understanding of English literature through interactive Visual Boards and clear, point-wise Story/Poetic Trails.
  • History becomes a time-travelling adventure with board game-like timelines.
  • For Maths, ‘Smart Checks’ ensure your answers are right…always.
  • Memorise and recall the key points of each chapter with Memory Maps in Social Science.

Hold On! You Haven't Heard the Best Part Yet:

Ace exams with up to 10 years of previous years’ questions, Sample Question Papers (SQP) and Additional Practice Questions (APQ), solutions to textbook exercises, and even extra practice questions. Plus, the Perfect Prep Notes are loaded with Competency-Focused Practice Questions (CFPQ) and their solutions.

With project templates for Social Science, and solved workbooks and grammar worksheets for English, your Internal Assessments are also covered. 

Subjects covered in the Perfect Prep Notes series include:

Made by the Best Experts in Town

Our notes are infused with the heart and soul of teachers who've seen it all. They know what makes students tick, what gets them confused, and what sparks their curiosity. And thus, you are equipped with effective tips and hints to provide quality answers by the people who know you best: your teachers. 

Take the Leap with Target’s Perfect Prep!

We know you've got the brains, the talent, and the potential. But achieving greatness takes more than just knowledge. It takes action, determination, and a willingness to embrace the unconventional.

Ready to accept the challenge? Grab your notes, master the new education landscape, and conquer those exams. Visit Target Publications’ CBSE Perfect Prep to learn more.

Don’t Leave Just Yet, Bonus Learning Treasures Ahead!

  • Master those tricky concepts with:
  • Practice and write perfect answers with:
  • Polish your language like a pro with:

We’re not just here to help you pass your exams, we are here to empower you to successfully navigate the new education landscape.

Need help with preparations? Check out our blog The Ultimate CBSE Class 10 Preparation & Revision Hacks You Can't Afford to Miss! Trust us, the hacks work.


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