NEET 2024 Tie-Breaker Policy: Physics Scores May Take Priority over Biology


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 NEET 2024 Tie-Breaker Policy: Physics Scores May Take Priority over Biology

Hey there, future doctors!

If you're planning to take the NEET exam in 2024, you might want to take note of the possible revised tie-breaker policy.

The new regulations, notified on June 2, are likely to be implement from the year 2024 and could possibly change the way you prioritize subjects while preparing for the exam.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the most sought-after medical entrance exam in India. Every year, lakhs of students appear for this exam to secure a seat in a prestigious medical college. However, with the increasing number of applicants, the competition has become tougher than ever. As a result, the NEET tie-breaker policy might be revised for the year 2024.

What Is the Tie-Breaker Policy?

A tie-breaker policy is used when two or more candidates score the same marks in an exam. The policy helps determine which candidate should be given a higher rank.

Everything You Need To Know About the Current Tie-Breaker Policy

Before getting to know the possible revised policy, first let us know what is the current tie-breaker policy. The current policy is called as the “Inter-se-Merit of Candidates for Tie-Breaking”.

This policy is based on the following criteria:

  1. The candidate who has obtained higher marks in Biology will receive a higher ranking.
  2. If there is still a tie, the candidate with higher marks in Chemistry will be ranked higher.
  3. If both candidates share the same scores in Chemistry as well, then the candidate with higher marks in Physics will be given a higher rank.
  4. If the tie still remains after considering the marks of all three subjects, the ranking will be determined based on the candidate with fewer incorrect answers and more correct answers across all subjects.
  5. Following that, the candidate with a lower proportion of attempted incorrect answers and correct answers in Biology (Botany & Zoology) will be ranked higher.
  6. After that, if the tie still persists, then the candidate with a lower proportion of attempted incorrect answers and correct answers in Chemistry will be given a higher rank.
  7. In case the tie between candidates is not resolved, the candidate with a lower proportion of attempted incorrect answers and correct answers in Physics will be given a higher rank.
  8. If it is still not resolved even after considering all these factors, priority will be given to the candidate who is older in age.

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The New Tie-Breaker Policy: The Game Changer 

The new tie-breaker policy for medical entrance exams can turn the tide if a student is not as well-versed in Physics. The possible changes that the NMC may implement in the tie-breaker policy for NEET 2024 include:

  • Prioritising candidates with higher marks in Physics, followed by Chemistry and then Biology.
  • If the tie persists, a computer-generated draw of lots will be utilised.

The Process Of Computerised Lot Drawing Explained

Computerised lot drawing is a process in which the computer takes the application numbers of NEET candidates as the input, and randomly selects one application number as the output. This way, a particular rank will be assigned to the selected application number.

To ensure fairness, the NMC has decided to use this method to avoid any potential bias.

Now that we have covered the topic of NEET, let's shift our focus to shedding light on the recent updates and modifications in the MBBS course.

What’s New for MBBS Aspirants? 

The latest “Graduate Medical Education Regulations 2023” notification by the NMC states that MBBS aspirants will now get only 4 attempts to clear the first year. Candidates have to complete the MBBS course within 9 years. For further details  click here.


The NEET Tie-Breaker Policy is an essential aspect of the NEET exam. With the proposed change in the policy, giving priority to Physics scores over Biology, the top rankers are likely to be the ones who have a better understanding of the most challenging subject.

This tie-breaker policy is a reminder that success is not just about excelling in one area, but about having a well-rounded knowledge and skill-set. 

Don’t let the Tie-Breaker Policy affect your scores. Ensure you are thoroughly prepared for all NEET-UG subjects with Target’s Absolute Series for NEET-UG Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Good luck on your NEET and MBBS Journey!


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