NTA Clarifies Voting Won’t Affect Exam Eligibility


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 NTA Clarifies Voting Won’t Affect Exam Eligibility

Rumours have a way of catching everyone's attention, don't they?

Just like these recent rumours circulating on social media platforms, suggesting that you, as participants in the General Elections to the Lok Sabha with inked fingers, might encounter obstacles when attempting to enter examination halls for NTA-conducted exams. These rumours have caused understandable worry among many of you. To clear up the confusions, the NTA has provided a formal clarification.

NTA Clarifies: Voting Won't Affect Exam Eligibility

In response to these rumours, the NTA has stepped forward to clarify the situation. They have firmly stated that these rumours are false. There is absolutely no validity to the notion that exercising your right to vote could affect your eligibility to sit for NTA exams. It's easy to get sidetracked by misinformation, especially during crucial times like exam season. However, it's essential to remain focused on what truly matters: your studies. While voting is important for democracy, it won't interfere with the ability to take exams.

The NTA Is Here to Help

If you have any concerns regarding the NTA-conducted exams, the NTA has provided contact information for further assistance. You can contact 011-40759000 or send an email at neet@nta.ac.in. Additionally, regularly visiting the official NTA website will keep you updated on the latest announcements and updates regarding examinations.

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1. Will my participation in the General Election affect my eligibility to enter the exam hall?

Ans: No, voting in General Elections does not impact your eligibility for NTA exams.

2. How do I know if the information I see on social media about exams is accurate?

Ans: Information on social media isn't always reliable. Verify it with credible sources like official announcements before trusting or sharing. Don't act until you're sure about its accuracy.

3. I have specific concerns about the NEET (UG) – 2024 examination. Where can I seek further assistance?

Ans: For any specific concerns about the NEET (UG) – 2024 examination or any other NTA-conducted exams, you can reach out to the NTA directly. Contact them via phone at 011-40759000 or email at neet@nta.ac.in.


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