Revised Fee Structure for July-August 2024 & February-March 2025 Maharashtra SSC Exams


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 Revised Fee Structure for July-August 2024 & February-March 2025 Maharashtra SSC Exams

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has announced a revision in the examination fees for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Supplementary Examination for July-August 2024 and the February-March Examination for 2025. This change is in line with the decisions made during the Executive Council (Ad-hoc) meeting and subsequent government orders.

What's New in the Revised Fees for July-August 2024 & February-March 2025 SSC Exams?

According to the recent circular issued by the MSBSHSE, the following changes in the fee structure have been made:

Examination Fee: The standard examination fee has been set at ₹470.

Administrative Fee: An administrative fee of ₹20 will be charged.

Marksheet Fee (with Lamination): Students will be required to pay ₹20 for their laminated marksheet.

Certificate Fee (with Lamination): A laminated certificate will cost ₹20.

Practical Exam Fees: Practical exam fees vary by subject - ₹10 for science subjects and ₹100 for technical subjects.

Private Candidate Registration: Private candidates will need to pay ₹130 for the registration form, which includes an information booklet, and an additional registration fee of ₹1210.

For Repeaters and Isolated Subjects

Students who are repeating the examination or taking isolated subjects will have the same examination fee of ₹470. They will also be subject to the same administrative and practical exam fees as regular students.

Class Improvement Scheme

Students under the Class Improvement Scheme will have different fees:

Examination Fee: ₹930

Administrative Fee: ₹20

Marksheet Fee (with Lamination): ₹20

Practical Exam Fees: ₹10 for science subjects and ₹100 for technical subjects.


The revised fees are to be implemented for the SSC Supplementary Examination in July-August 2024 and the Main Examination in 2025. All secondary schools and junior colleges are instructed to inform students about these changes and ensure the revised fees are prominently displayed on the school's notice board and on the board's official website.

Important Notes

Fee Payment: Fees must be deposited exclusively at HDFC Bank. Ensure that the total amount is reflected correctly and that the payment challan is attached with the application form.

Late Fees: Additional late fees will apply if the fees are not paid within the stipulated time. Specific details regarding the late fee structure are provided in the circular.


The revision in examination fees by the Maharashtra State Board is a significant update for all students, educators, and parents involved in the SSC exams. It is crucial to stay informed and make the necessary arrangements for timely fee payment to avoid any last-minute hassles. For any further information, students and parents are encouraged to contact their respective schools or visit the official MSBSHSE website.

Stay updated, prepare well, and all the best for your future endeavours!


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