NEET UG 2024 Results OUT: Record-Breaking 67 Toppers and How to Check Your Scorecard


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 NEET UG 2024 Results OUT

The NEET UG 2024 results are here, and it's a surprise!

A record-breaking 67 students have secured the coveted All India Rank (AIR) 1.

This unexpected turn of events has left students and experts wondering what happened.

Now, before getting into that let’s get into the steps to access the NEET (UG) 2024 Scorecard.

How to Check Your NEET UG 2024 Marks?

Here's how you can check your NEET UG results:

  1. Head to the Official Website: Visit the National Testing Agency (NTA) website: or (formerly
  2. Find the Results Link: Look for the designated link for "NEET UG Scorecard 2024". It might be a PDF download or a separate results page.
  3. Enter Your Credentials: You'll likely need to enter your application number, date of birth (or password), and a security pin to access your results.
  4. View and Download Scorecard: Once you submit your details, your NEET UG 2024 scorecard will be displayed on the screen. Carefully review it for your marks, percentile score, rank (if applicable), and other details. Pay close attention to the warning about checking the photo and barcode for validity.
  5. Download and Print: Make sure to download and print a copy of your scorecard for future reference.

Additional Tips:

  • Have your application number and other login details readily available.
  • The website might experience high traffic after the result announcement. Be patient and try refreshing the page if needed.
  • In case of any discrepancies or issues accessing your scorecard, contact the NTA helpline or refer to their official website for further instructions.

The Record-Breaking Number of Toppers: What Happened?

The culprit behind this record number of toppers? A discrepancy in the NCERT textbooks, the backbone for NEET preparation. The question in question involved atomic stability, and both the old and new NCERT books offered conflicting information.

The question asked students to identify the correct statement about atomic stability from four options. However, the old NCERT book stated all elements have stable atoms, while the new one clarified that stability applies to most elements, not all. Recognizing the confusion, the NTA awarded full marks (5) to students who chose either option. This bumped up the scores of 44 students from 715 to 720, propelling them to the top rank.

While the NCERT goof-up played a major role, the NTA clarifies it wasn't the only factor. They acknowledge:

  • Easier Paper: This year's NEET UG is considered to be on the easier side compared to previous years.
  • Increased Registrations: A record number of students (23.81 lakh) registered for the exam, leading to a more competitive pool at the top.

How This Might Affect Admissions

Students, particularly those in the general category, are concerned that the inflated number of toppers might affect their chances of securing a seat. The NTA assures them that the total number of seats remains unchanged for all categories. Additionally, the easier paper supposedly evens the playing field.

Looking Ahead

This incident highlights the challenges of keeping pace with changing educational materials. It's a wake-up call for both students and exam bodies to stay updated on syllabus revisions.

While the NEET UG 2024 results have brought unexpected challenges, they also offer an opportunity to improve the examination and preparation processes for the future. Stay informed, adapt to changes & ensure your preparation aligns with the most current and accurate information available.


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